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Free Games List

This is the list I am making. Thought I would post it here just in case there’s any you guys don’t know about.
All games listed are in/nearing Open Beta or Live.

[Updated 02/28/13]: Added new games.


4 Story

Summary:3D fantasy MMORPG that looks and plays a lot like WoW.
metacritic rating: –

Age of Conan

Summary: Brutal, Action MMO set in Conan the Barbarian’s world. Heavily PvP Oriented.
metacritic rating: 83/100

Aion Online

Regions: North America , Europe
Summary: Beautiful MMO with unique aerial combat and player housing.Previously P2P.
metacritic rating: 76/100


Summary: 3D Fantasy game. Strongly influenced by WoW.
metacritic rating: 65/100

Allods Online

Summary: 3D fantasy game with gameplay very similar to that of WoW. Some unique features
metacritic rating: 69/100

Angels Online

Summary: 2D MMORPG with cute anime graphics.
metacritic rating: –

Battle of the Immortals

Summary: 3D fantasy game by Perfect World. Features an expansive pet system, a mount upgrade system, and five playable classes.
metacritic rating: 75/100

Champions Online

Summary: Super Hero based game. Great character customization.
metacritic rating: 72/100

City of Steam

Summary: Free-to-play, online RPG set in an industrial fantasy world with steampunk elements.
metacritic rating: –

Continent of the Ninth

Summary: Instance based MMO/Brawler.
metacritic rating: 61/100

DC Universe: Online

Summary: Action MMORPG set in the world of popular DC Comics.
metacritic rating: 72/100

Digimon Masters

Summary: Based on Digimon.
metacritic rating: 71/100

Dragon Nest

Summary: Anime styled, action gameplay. Best PvP award E3 2011.
metacritic rating: 83/100

Dragon Knight[New]

Summary: A anime-styled social MMORPG with a strong focus on PvP.
metacritic rating: 52/100

Dungeon Fighter

Summary: 2D Arcade style MMORPG. Stunning ability/combo system.
metacritic rating: 53/100

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Summary: Previously P2P. Lots of Races and Classes. Mostly dungeon based.
metacritic rating: 74/100

Dynasty Warriors Online

Summary: Classic Hack and Slash series. Now online.
metacritic rating: 68/100

Eden Eternal

Summary: Anime styled social game with a persistent world.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Story based multiplayer online action game featuring exciting anime style graphics..
metacritic rating: 55/100

Entropia Universe

Summary: Large sci-fi MMO covering multiple planets. Real Cash Economy
metacritic rating: –


Summary: One of the original MMOs that paved the way for todays games. Now F2P.
metacritic rating: 85/100

EverQuest II

Summary: “Portions of the critically acclaimed PC franchise have been liberated to online adventurers at no charge.”
metacritic rating: 83/100

Fallen Earth

Summary: Post apocalyptic MMO. Melee, Guns. oh and Cars
metacritic rating: 71/100


Summary: A Turn-Based 3D Real Time MMORPG. Designed for younger gamers.
metacritic rating: 71/100

Fiesta Online

Summary: Anime Inspired/Cell Shaded. Features a detailed crafting system.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Standard Anime MMO with distinctiveness in its flying system.
metacritic rating: –

Forsaken World

Summary: A more European/Medieval feeling game from the makers of Perfect World.
metacritic rating: 69/100

Grand Fantasia

Summary: 3D Anime MMO hosted by Aeria.
metacritic rating: –

Hailan Rising[New]

Summary: No combat levels, Unique class system.
metacritic rating: –

Hellgate London

Summary: A dark fantasy themed action role-playing game. Previously P2P.
metacritic rating: 70/100

Knight Age

Summary: Anime action game with unique mounted combat.
metacritic rating: –

Last Chaos

Summary: 3D Fantasy. Plenty of content, a high level cap and a solid skill system
metacritic rating: –

Lime Odyssey

Summary: 3D Anime MMO developed by some of the people who created Ragnarok Online.
metacritic rating: –

Lord of the Rings Online

Summary: 3D Fantasy game. Lore based strongly on Tolkien’s work. Previously P2P.
metacritic rating: 88/100


Summary: “The world’s first and most successful side-scrolling 2D online game.”
metacritic rating: –

Marvel Super Hero Squad

Summary: Team based brawler. Similar to Ultimate Alliance.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Classic first person med-evil MMO. Now F2P
metacritic rating: –

Moonlight Online

Summary: Humans. Vampires. Werewolves. All in a 3Dbrowser MMO.
metacritic rating: –

Odyssey Classic

Summary: A 2d top-view online RPG with mid-evil setting.
metacritic rating: –

Path of Exile[New]

Summary: A Diablo style online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast.
metacritic rating: 82/100

Pets vs Monsters

Summary: An online 2D adventure game for kids.
metacritic rating: –

Perfect World

Summary: Popular MMO based heavily on Chinese mythology.
metacritic rating: 75/100

Pirate 101

Summary: A 3D quest based adventure game designed for younger players.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Very dark and bloody 3D MMORPG.
metacritic rating: 67/100

RF Online

Summary: A very anime feeling MMO with a sci-fi setting.
metacritic rating: 67/100

Ragnarok Online

Summary: Classic 2.5D fantasy MMO. Lots of content. Now free to play.
metacritic rating: 79/100

Ragnarok Online 2[New]

Summary: The long awaited 3D follow-up to the classic Ragnarok Online.
metacritic rating: –


Regions: North America , Europe
Summary: Fast paced action MMO, similar to Tera.
metacritic rating: 64/100

Realm of the Mad God

Summary: Casual 2D MMO played from your browser.
metacritic rating:82/100

Runes of Magic

Summary: Similar feel to WoW. Several classes, PvP, and customizable personal/guild housing.
metacritic rating: 80/100


Summary: Very simple graphics and combat but a lot to do. Paid member service for extra content.
metacritic rating: –

Rusty Hearts v

Summary: Hack n’ slash, dungeon crawler game with anime style graphics.
metacritic rating: 79/100


Summary: 3D Action MMO
metacritic rating: –

Supreme Destiny

Summary: 3D MMO with unique servers for PvP and PVE.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Based on fantasy, where players fight monsters and each other.
metacritic rating: –

Star Trek: Online

Summary: A sci-fi MMO set in the Star Trek universe. Now F2P.
metacritic rating: 66/100

Star Wars: The Old Republic[New]

Summary: MMO based in the Star Wars universe. Now F2P
metacritic rating: 85/100

Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Summary: Fantasy-based, Hack and Slash game.
metacritic rating: –

Tales of Pirates 2

Summary: 3D Anime style MMO focused on… well you can probably guess.
metacritic rating: –

Talisman Online

Summary: 3D MMORPG with an interface and gameplay similar to WoW. Oriental Setting.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Fast paced action MMO with skill based combat.
metacritic rating: 77/100


Summary: 2D free MMORPG with premium account system. Classic game.
metacritic rating: –

Twelve Sky 2

Summary: MMO centered around martial arts.
metacritic rating: –

Uncharted Waters

Summary: 3D MMO set in the 15th century with a naval theme.
metacritic rating: –/100


Summary: Long running Fantasy MMO by Sony. Now F2P.
metacritic rating: ]68


Summary: Brutal 3D MMORPG instance based brawler.
metacritic rating: 76/100

Voyage Century

Summary: 3D Pirate MMO. Barrows from Pirates of the Caribbean.
metacritic rating: –

Warhammer Online

Summary: PvP Based MMORPG. Now with an “Endless Trial” for Ranks 1-10.
metacritic rating: 86/100

Wings of Destiny

Summary: A 2D MMORPG you can play from your browser. Nice graphics and content for a browser game.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Dungeon Crawler with perm death.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: 2D Side Scrolling MMORPG. Similar to Maple Story.
metacritic rating: –

Wonderland Online

Summary: A 2D MMORPG with player housing and an in game bot.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Long developed sandbox MMO now officially launched.
metacritic rating: 73/100


Absolute Force[New]

Summary: Anime style third person shooter. Unique game modes.
metacritic rating: –

Alien Swarm

Summary: Top down or FPS(with code “firstperson”) Sci-Fi MMO Shooter.
metacritic rating: 77/100

APB: Reloaded

Summary: Cops versus Criminals. Large open Cities. Similar to Grand Theft Auto.[
metacritic rating: 56/100

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Summary: Tactical FPS powered by the Unreal 3 engine.
metacritic rating: 80/100

Arctic Combat[New]

Summary: New FPS set in WW3, hosted by Webzen.
metacritic rating: –

Battlefield Heroes

Summary: Cartoon styled Third Person Shooter by EA.
metacritic rating: 69/100

Battlefield: Play4Free

Summary: More realistic, modern Battlefield FPS.
metacritic rating: 68/100

Brawl Busters

Summary: Cartoon style third person shooter. Fluid gameplay and unique characters.
metacritic rating: 66/100

Black Prophecy

Summary: Fast-paced 3D real-time combat space MMO with state of the art visuals.
metacritic rating: 70/100

Combat Arms

Summary: Great First Person Shooter. Several good maps. Lots of weapons.
metacritic rating: 71/100

Cosmic Break

Summary: Cute/Anime style third person mech combat.
metacritic rating: –

Crime Craft

Summary: Modern/Urban Third Person Shooter.
metacritic rating: 68/100

Fire Fall[New]

Summary: Sci-Fi shooter with a large world in addition to structured matches.
metacritic rating: –

Ghost Recon Online

Summary: A tactical 3rd person squad based shooter.
metacritic rating: 69/100

Gotham City Imposters

Summary: Team Fortress style game. Classes are Batman and Joker parodies.
metacritic rating: 65/100

Guns and Robots[New]

Summary: Robots with Guns. Fast paced Cartoon Shooter.
metacritic rating: –

Dirstrict 187[New]

Summary: Fast paced FPS set in a dark near future. Gangsters vs SWAT.
metacritic rating: 65/100

Gunz the Duel

Summary: Very Fast-paced Third Person Shooter. Intense.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: First person Mech combat.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: First/Third Person Shooter using Valve’s source from the Orange Box.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Fast-paced Anime styled third person shooter.
metacritic rating: 56/100

Mech Warrior

Summary: First Person Mech combat.
metacritic rating: –

Moon Breakers[New]

Summary: Multi-player 3D space combat game set in an alternate WWII-inspired future.
metacritic rating: –

Planet Side 2

Summary: First person sci-fi combat on a massive scale.
metacritic rating: 85/100

Renaissance Heroes[New]

Summary: Med-evil first person combat.
metacritic rating: –

Quake Live

Summary: Variant of Quake 3. Online from your browser.
metacritic rating: 88/100


Summary: “Rakion focuses on sword battles with RPG style characters and settings”
metacritic rating: –

S4 League

Summary: Fast-paced Anime styled Third Person Shooter. Fun melee combat.
metacritic rating: –

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter

Summary: Third person shooter with over 300 Gundams to choose from.
metacritic rating: –

Soldier Front

Summary: Modern FPS with medium graphics.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Post apocalyptic open world TPS.
metacritic rating: –

Super Monday Night Combat

Summary:Fast paced cartoon shooter where killing is a sport.
metacritic rating:76/100

Team Fortress 2

Summary: Class-based First Person Shooter. Now F2P.
metacritic rating: 92/100

Tribes: Ascend

Summary:Newsest game in the Tribes series. “The World’s Fastest Shooter.”
metacritic rating:86/100

Tribes: Starsiege

Summary: Sci-fi first-person shooter video game. It is the first of the Tribes video game series.
metacritic rating: –

War Inc, Battlezone!

Summary: Modern squad based third person shooter. Very nice!
metacritic rating: 69/100


Summary: Co-op only Sci-Fi third person shooter. Has space ninjas.
metacritic rating: –

Wolf Team

Summary: Unique FPS in which you can transform into a Werewolf.
metacritic rating:

World of Tanks

Summary: Team-based. dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century.
metacritic rating: 80/100

War Thunder[New]

Summary: Dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets.
metacritic rating: –

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Bloodline Champions

Summary: Fast paced Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
metacritic rating: 79/100

Heroes of Newerth

Summary: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Based on DotA.
metacritic rating: 76

Land of Chaos

Summary: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena/Third Person Hybrid. Inspired by DotA and League of Legends.
metacritic rating: 81/100

League of Legends

Summary: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Inspired by Defense of the Ancients.
metacritic rating: 78/100

Rise of Immortals

Summary: MOBA. Strong focus on team-based scenarios with support for both Player vs. Player and Co-Op game modes.
metacritic rating: 47/100


Summary: MOBA using a traditional TPS view. Based on gods/mythical beings.
metacritic rating: –

Wrath of Heroes

Summary: 3D MOBA based on Warhammer,
metacritic rating: –


Get Amped 2

Summary: 2D Fighting game with access to pretty much so any character you can imagine.
metacritic rating: –

Grand Chase

Summary: 2D fighting game that enables up to 6 players to engage in thrilling fights with each other.
metacritic rating: –

Rumble Fighter

Summary: A casual action game based on fighting.
metacritic rating: –

Splash Fighters

Summary: 3D fighter with near countless fighting styles and characters.
metacritic rating: –

Zone 4

Summary: Anime inspired brawler with several customizable fighting styles.
metacritic rating: 65/100


Age of Empires: Online

Summary: An online only extension of the Age of Empires series.
metacritic rating: 70/100

Atlantica Online

Summary: 3D Strategic Turn-based game.
metacritic rating: –

Battle for Wesnoth

Summary: Isometric, Turn Based, Fantasy Strategy Game. Single person or up to 8 person multi-player.
metacritic rating: –

Battle Forge

Summary: Real Time Strategy and Trading Card Game mix. Free to play with the basic deck of cards.
metacritic rating: 75/100

Command & Conquer

Summary: Command & Conquer 95. Unofficial, modded version. Lots of Fixes/Additions.
metacritic rating: 94/100

Cultures Online

Summary: Combines elements from role-playing games with building strategy game.
metacritic rating: –

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms

Summary: Massively Multi-player Browser Based strategy game. Based on Heroes of Might and Magic.
metacritic rating: 80/100

Navy Field

Summary: Real Time Strategy, Ship Based Combat.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Collectible, turn-based, tactical, online fantasy game.
metacritic rating: –

Stronghold Kingdoms

Summary: Online strategy game. Build castles, make an army, take over the kingdom.
metacritic rating: 75/100

Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Summary: Open source simulation based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
metacritic rating: –

World of Battles

Summary: 3D MMO-RTS hosted by Aeria. Several race/unit types.
metacritic rating: ]70/100


Auto Club Revolution

Summary: Built in collaboration with the motor industry. Features real cars and real tracks.
metacritic rating: –

Drift City Online

Summary: Anime style street racing. Lots of cars and customization.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: Anime style parkour racing.
metacritic rating: –

Heat Online

Summary: MMO Racing Sim. Realistic car damage and customization. Formerly Project Torque.
metacritic rating: –

Need for Speed World

Summary: Famous Arcade style racing goes MMO.
metacritic rating: 62/100

Shot Online

Summary: 3D Golf MMO with anime style.
metacritic rating: 59/100

Track Mania: Nations

Summary: Fast MMO Indy Car racer. Car customization and map editor.
metacritic rating: –


Dead Frontier

Summary: Zombie survival from your internet browser..
metacritic rating: –


Summary: 2.5D action MMO, similar to Diablo.
metacritic rating: 72/100

Hero Civilization

Summary: Strategic war game that utilizes the classic combat rules set down in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
metacritic rating: –


Summary: RPG based on customizing and playing mini-games with your virtual pet.
metacritic rating: –

Odin Quest

Summary: 2D MMORPG based on Norse mythology.
metacritic rating: –

Pockie Ninja

Summary: Multiplayer battle game based on the hit animes Bleach and Naruto.
metacritic rating: –

Pockie Ninja 2

Summary: Another version of Pockie Ninja. Has separate events.
metacritic rating: –

Pockie Pirates

Summary: RPG based on the hit anime, One Piece.
metacritic rating: –



Summary: 3D Block building game. Free version is limited to single player and a set number of blocks.
metacritic rating: –

Dungeon Crawl Soup

Summary: 2D, ASCII single player, rogue-like fantasy game.

Dwarf Fortress

Summary: 2D, ASCII single-player fantasy game

I want to be The Guy

Summary: 8-Bit Single Player Platformer.


Summary: Classical hack & slash game (rogue-like). ASCII graphics


Summary: Single or Multiplayer “sandbox” block building game. Classic is free.
metacritic rating: 93/100

Spiral Knights

Summary: A top-down, third-person, real-time action-adventure game. 4-Player Co-Op
metacritic rating: 64/100

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